EP Release Day

Wow, today is the release of my first EP and I feel excited, grateful, and full of expectation.   I have known for a very long time that I would record and perform, and with that dream starting to unfold, as exciting as that is, it’s also very humbling.  And for those of you who really know me, you know I’m a tremendous goofball that is always joking around.  So it’s weird because although I like to laugh and have a ton of fun whatever I’m doing,  I’m also finding this super strong sense of seriousness and reverence toward the music and ministry that God is calling me to.   I have this compelling desire in me to help you know that you are so loved and valued by God.  I want you to know the high price that Jesus paid for you to be free and part of His family.   So, the EP is not just about our worship to God, but it’s also about us finding ourselves in Him and in His love, freedom, and joy.   I hope you enjoy the music, but more than that, I hope it helps you feel encouraged and immensely treasured.  

Heidi Rickard